benevolence attracts giant hedgehogs


Yum!  Just joking.  I’m pretty sure that this hedgehog does not want to eat this bird or this girl.  Then again, he didn’t get that big eating berries.

2 thoughts on “benevolence attracts giant hedgehogs

  1. Great website and drawings Jill! As I told Patrick (but his abilities to pass on information are historically poor) this is my favorite picture. I don’t think many people realize that hedgehogs, especially giant ones, are natural social workers, and are therefore unusually attracted to random acts of kindness. Now, if he was licking his lips I’d be worried…

  2. Thanks! You’re right – not only did I not get the message, I didn’t even know he was spreading the site around! It’s so true! The first time I met a giant hedgehog I was moving a little turtle off the road… hummm… I smell a whole hedgehog series! It smells kind of like pine sap and blackberries.

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