thankful chipmunk

I’ve been a little under the weather since returning from my (highly entertaining) conference a couple of days ago. So, here’s my low-effort drawing for this week. It is, obviously, a counterpart to my chipmunk balloon card of a few weeks ago. I’m pretty much the worst ever at sending thank you cards. I figure I might be slightly more inclined to be a more gracious/appropriate/less jerky friend/relative if I had some thank you cards hanging around, and even more so if those I had hanging around were adorned with a shy chipmunk.

My family had a pet chipmunk for several years while I was growing up. His name was… wait for it… Alvin. Alvin was hit by a mouse trap at our cottage and was in a coma when we found him. My brother nursed him back to health, but it was pretty obvious that he would not do very well back in the woods (as evidenced by the fact that he begged for food from our dog). So, he ran around our house instead. Alvin ended up having a long and eventful life. Gee… now I’m all nostalgic. RIP, Alvin.

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