tri-state trekin’

I’m pretty sure that the subtitle of this one is “look ma, no fins!” Okay, so I know this drawing is kind of weird. I bet you didn’t know that beavers and whales were so tight. Here’s the deal: this summer, my husband will be riding the three day, 270 mile (435 km) Tri-State Trek from Boston to NYC in support of ALS/Lou Gehrig’s research. So, for this drawing, I had the brilliant idea of having the three state animals riding the Trek. Was I dissuaded when I discovered that CT’s and MA’s state animals are the sperm whale and the right whale, respectively? Apparently not.

P.S. All funds raised by the Trek go directly to the institute in MA dedicated to stopping ALS. If you’d like to support the institute and help my husband reach his fund raising goal, here is his personal donation site.

5 thoughts on “tri-state trekin’

  1. I’m not quite sure how that would embarrass me…that might, however, be a good fund raising technique…

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