heat wave

Sorry for the lack of post last night.  I actually forgot it was Sunday until it was too late, probably because I felt a lot like this squirrel looks.  But less smiling.  And more moaning.  I’m not a big fan of the heat.  If it must be hot, then I must be in the breezy shade beside a lake or, preferably, in the lake.  But I’m not anywhere near my favourite lake, so moaning works, too.

I just noticed that the straw in this squirrel’s lemonade is not visible through the glass, and is clearly at the wrong angle, but it’s too hot to fix it.

2 thoughts on “heat wave

  1. Impressive squirrel insight. Clearly a squirrel would prefer pink lemonade over plain old lemonade – I mean it just makes sense. I just can’t help thinking that this squirrel is too relaxed for his own good and one of his squirrel buddies is about to dump a big old bucket of cold water on him to snap him back to squirrel related hijinx.

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