endgame: KQNRKP


I’ve spent the last hour or so mesmerized by complex and often hilarious chess terminology.  I haven’t played chess for years, but am thinking that my lazy brain would be in significantly better shape if I took it up.  I’ll have to work on my sportsmanship, though, because I seem to have a habit of flipping the board when things aren’t going my way, and apparently that’s not cool.  If I ever found myself playing any large carnivore, though, I’m pretty sure I would gracefully let him or her win.

Check out the new “gallery” tab at the top of the page.  More site spiffing to come…

5 thoughts on “endgame: KQNRKP

  1. is this cozy cafe inspired by the place you guys took us to in k-zoo last year? we had lunch there…can’t remember what it’s called?

  2. Ha! Good eye, Julia! Halfway through colouring this I was like “Oh! This place is Fourth Coast!” The worst thing about moving is leaving good friends and cafes behind…

  3. Is that Patrick? It kind of looks like Patrick, especially if the Polar Bear is winning. I can almost hear him thinking, “I don’t think I like this game.”

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