shinny in the morning


We had our first snow today!  Of course, it was all gone about an hour later and it has been raining since, but seeing those fat flakes when I opened the blinds this morning was pretty exciting.  That first glimpse of snow had me thinking about all of my favourite snowy activities before I remembered that I can’t actually do any of them this winter (what with the gigantic belly and all).  I especially love skating outside and really wanted to be eating a Killaloe Sunrise BeaverTail on the Rideau Canal today.

I’ve noticed that, in the States, skating is not exactly the essential life skill that it is in Canada.  Even here in Connecticut, the climate is way too mild to support the countless makeshift rinks that popped up in the parks, school yards, and backyards of my youth.  If we ever make it back to Canada, poor Doodle will end up being the kid stuck in goal wearing his boots.

PS – Just in case you’re wondering which Leaf wore #7… Tim Horton, of course!  Yum!

4 thoughts on “shinny in the morning

  1. 1. I miss Patrick
    2. Killaloe Sunrise is MY favoriate too. Its the real reason why I agreed to attend a wedding in Ottawa in January!

  2. They are already clearing the snow on our street for the rink! Yay! By the way, I will be in goal with Doodle. I haven’t had skates since I was a teenager. (which was more than a couple years ago)

  3. 1. Des made my day
    2. I want a Killaloe Sunrise too. It is, hands down, the best flavo(u)red frieddoughtypething going.
    3. Will we ever make it to Canada? Among other more important reasons, I’m sick of not having any snow!!!

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