For some reason, last week’s birdhouse drawing reminded me of ostrich heads.  I find it hard to think of ostriches as being birds, though.  I think everyone has an “I was attacked by a(n) (insert huge bird species)” story.  Swans are especially scary.  Seriously… have you ever seen one of those things out of water?  Totally intimidating.  An ostrich could really mess a person up, but I think they give fair warning with their ornary, you-better-stay-away-from-me-chump expressions.  Swans, on the other hand, lure unsuspecting victims to their lairs with promises of relaxing and romantic swanback rides.  Yeah, well, I’m on to you, swans.

4 thoughts on “unimpressed

  1. my mum was chased and almost eaten by a pelican when she was about milo’s age. she’s still traumatized by the memory.

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