Gimli, MB


I’ve never been there, but that island looks pretty cool.  This is a drawing in progress for a girl who thought to commission a map of the shoreline near her family cottage for her parents.  Very sweet.  Good thing the majority of the water space will be taken up with a nice poem, because I’m tempted to fill Lake Winnipeg with sea monsters.  It’s a pretty big lake – who knows what’s down there.  Actually, I try not to think about it too hard when I’m swimming in the lake.  Have you ever seen a musky?  Those things are huge!  And the fatty snapping turtle that lives under our dock?  I’m breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it.  At least, if you’re swimming near the dock, you have some slim chance of saving your life by making it to the ladder in time, but what about that long minute waiting for the boat to circle around after you fall skiing?  Don’t think about the miles of water/monsters/plane wrecks between you and the bottom… Maybe I should be thinking about where I can hide a dwarf on the mainland instead.

One thought on “Gimli, MB

  1. We love the art and were very touched at our daughter’s thoughtfullness! I’m glad I didn’t accidentally run into this a month ago or else it would have spoiled the surprise. Lake Winnipeg IS very big, the Prairie Ocean. And no monsters unless you count in the huge algae blooms killing the oxygen caused by phosphates and fertilizers.

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