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Doodle: “What’s that?”

Me: “What do you think it is?”

Doodle: “A monkey!  Riding a bike!  On the moon!  Why?”

Me:  “… well, it’s an ape… aaand, gee, I don’t know why.”

Doodle:  (very disturbed) “But, that little monkey should be riding his bike on the sidewalk!  Not on the street, and not on the moon.”

Me:  “Um…”

Doodle: (getting hysterical) “And where are the little monkey’s mom and dad?  That little monkey shouldn’t be riding his bike without his mom or dad!”

Huh.  I didn’t mean for this to be such a disturbing image!  I guess it is kind of lonely, though.  And I’m creeped out by chimpanzees in general these days (if you don’t know why, I’ll spare you).  It’s a chimp, though, because of the whole um, chimp in space thing… did that really happen?  Oh!  It did!  Ha!  That’s kind of sad, though.  Maybe I didn’t really think this one through…  Anyway, I don’t know why Doodle assumed it was a “little monkey,” especially since the chimp is way too big for that bike.

But I’m way off track – I’m supposed to be talking about the Tri-State Trek in support of ALS research!  This print will be in my shop soon and any proceeds made from the sale of it will go towards this year’s Trek.  All of the proceeds from last year’s print still go to the Trek, too.  My husband is making the 270 mile ride from Boston to NYC again this year!

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