816 W Cottage Street

Um…. hi!  I awoke on New Year’s Day to  a little gift from WordPress in my inbox.  They sent me a handy summary of my 2010 in blogging.  Seeing as how I have been a completely neglectful blogger as of late, I assumed that my blog wasn’t seeing much action.  I was wrong.  While I’ve been ignoring my little blog, others haven’t been, and now I feel all guilty.  But!  For my victorious return I give you… a lazy post where I show you one of my commissions from the holiday season (drawn for a very sweet customer for her husband’s Christmas present, btw).  It’s a start.  Baby steps back towards my blogging glory days, people.  In case you’re interested, the post that drew the most traffic in 2010 was this one from almost three years ago!  No one can resist the binturong (or is it the Wilcox reference?)!

3 thoughts on “816 W Cottage Street

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