Y is for yeti… crab

Oh the pressure!  To finally post on a Sunday and indicate that I might even be attempting to return to some kind of regular and responsible posting schedule – what was I thinking?  As this Sunday drew near and inspiration had yet to strike, I paid a visit to my vast and rarely-tapped folder of abandoned drawings.  I found the beginnings of this yeti crab hanging out with the other misfits.  This idea probably dates back to the days of the Xenopus.  Little Yolandas and Yvains are not nearly as  desperately in need of a new animal representative as those poor X kids, of course, seeing as how they can always turn to the mighty and honourable yak.  I figured that this pale little crab needed some time in the sun, though.  As I sit here trying to figure out whether this crab is trying to spell out UY or OY, I remember why I abandoned our hirsute friend in the first place.

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