spread the love

Doodle has to take valentines in for all of his classmates, so I asked him what he might like on his cards.  After some careful consideration he said “Well… valentines are lovely… so maybe some hearts.”

That seems reasonable.  So, here is a lovely elephant spewing forth lovely hearts.  Lovesick perhaps?  Maybe he just ate too many profiteroles (which are lovely, no?).

Assigning Valentine’s Day cards to my classmates was a colossal and stressful endeavor for me.  I spent hours ensuring that the message and image on the card matched my feelings for and intentions toward its recipient.  Luckily, there were always plenty of “let’s be friends” cards in each pack.

2 thoughts on “spread the love

  1. I like it. Reminds me of the elefun game, however hearts are much more appropriate for valenties than butterflies. happy valentine’s to you…hope you are well.

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