hatching a plan

I came across a lonely trike that I had reason to draw months ago, so I decided to do something with it.  Um… this is it.  I guess I have birds and squirrels on the brain these days because I watch them duke it out for seeds at my kitchen window feeder all day.  Guess who wins (and breaks the feeder, spills the seeds, clucks at me through the window, sends Hoob into hysterics…).  Yep, it’s the house finch.  That jerk.

Speaking of house finches (you can stop reading right now if you couldn’t care less about house finches), did you know that, while native to the west coast, the entire eastern population is descended from pets released in NYC in the 40s?  Yeah.  This tidbit was unearthed during a debate with SOMEone about whether or not house finches were actually visiting my feeder.  Okay, so it was my mom.  She was consulting an ancient field guide, which was published before the eastern population had become established.  Huh.

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