at the pet parade

If there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s this: animals are cuter than people.  No, don’t try to argue.  That’s a fact.  If Prince Wallaby had been marrying Cat Middleton and all the little guest hedgehogs and squirrels were to wear ridiculous hats (you know, to make them look bigger and, therefore, not as appetizing to the bride), you better believe I would have tuned in.  I blame this fact for the distinct lack of the human figure in my oeuvre.  Because I’m in the process of setting up a new portfolio site for myself, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and take on some grittier, less-fluffy subject matter, in an attempt to round out my selection of drawings.  Look, I even had to turn the bunny away so that he couldn’t steal the spotlight.  Oh, the price we pay for art.

Recently, Doodle and I read Owls in the Family as his introduction to all things Mowat (who, I’m sure, would agree that animals are cuter than people).  I hadn’t read it since I loved it as a kid, and Wol and Weeps did not disappoint.  I may or may not have shed a few tears at the end.  Doodle may or may not have wondered when we were going to get back to The Magic Tree House series.  The old copy that I found at a second hand shop has hilarious illustrations by Robert Frankenberg every few pages, but when I recently bought a new copy as a gift, it was illustration-free!  What?!  Anyway, there is a pet parade in the book (complete with a little boy holding a jar full of tadpoles) and, as you might guess, hilarity ensues.

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