that’s one fat quarter

Summer and Christmas both sneak up on me.  I’m excellent at planning for both, months in advance, but that pesky execution step gets me every time.  I recently made a list of all of the things I have to do before I can effectively peddle my wares this summer, and was a little alarmed by the length of said list.  Let’s see… buy new canopy?  Check!  Buy fancy folding chair?  Check!  Anything that requires actual work as opposed to just spending money that I have yet to earn?  Uh… I’ll get to it.  The monotony of amassing inventory can wait while I do more entertaining things, like designing decorative bunting for my canopy, for instance!  I fit all of these huge flags (8″ long) onto a fat quarter, to be ordered from Spoonflower.

2 thoughts on “that’s one fat quarter

  1. OOoohh boy! This is very exciting. I’ve been thinking that E’s big girl room will need to be tackled by Christmas. You might be commissioned for some drapes!

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