trippity-trop, trippity-trop

Gosh, I feel like something’s missing from this Billy Goats Gruff picture… oh!  There’s supposed to be a troll under bridge!?  You know, as a child, I always felt that the troll in the story only functioned as a physical manifestation of the two younger goats’ insecurities about their worthiness of the greener pastures.  And so, it was actually to themselves that they made promises of growing fat until they were strong enough to butt these insecurities off of the bridge to adulthood.  Uh… yeah.  Or maybe I just didn’t want to ruin my cute little pastoral screen with an ugly old troll.  Either way…

I’m working on this drawing to be a border design for fabric, so the hills and clouds match up for a smooth repeat.  Wait a minute!  Can one even trippity-trop over a stone bridge?  It only just occurred to me that perhaps tropping only comes from hooves on wood!  Huh.  I better find myself a goat to experiment with.

Okay, adding some details because it’s such a wide drawing.  Wee, mid, and grande Gruff:

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