it’s the thought that counts

The little maple turning red by the lake was my cue to end my summer hiatus.  At a certain point every summer, Christmas goes from having just passed to looming.  And so, I sat down to work on a new Christmas card.  Doesn’t this gift-bearing owl just scream “Joy to the World” to you?

Along with my various summery activities of late, I’ve entered the world of craft fairs.  Since I usually do all of my selling and stuff on line, it was really fun and informative to be able to talk to so many customers face to face.  People had such interesting and varied things to say about my work: “do you have any owls?,” “where are your owls?,” and “why don’t you have any owls?.”  Perhaps I should have called this one “here’s your stinkin’ owl.”

Honestly, I’ve always had a fondness for owls.  Adding to my hesitation to draw them is probably the fact that the owl marketplace is pretty much saturated.  A long-standing joke among Etsy sellers is that “owls and cowls” pave the path to success.

Coming next week: an owl in a cowl.

3 thoughts on “it’s the thought that counts

  1. cowl is such a weird word. i’m back to school today! i teach in an hour, so of course, i’m looking at your blog instead of reviewing materials. eh, it’s the first day, everyone (including me) is hoping to get out early.

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