family tree

This drawing reminds me of the TMBG song My Brother the Ape: “I’ve been acting like a stranger but you guys are all so strange. Though I think of what I’m like and I can see we’re all the same.”  Sometimes I like to go out in public and imagine everybody as wild animals, just following instincts in their natural habitats.  Is there an opposite of anthropomorphism? Zoomorphism?

This collection of portraits is a spin-off from the back ground of this sick squirrel drawing.  I designed it to be a repeating fabric (what a pain getting that wood grain to match up!).  I think I’ll change the spacing of the frames a bit for the print version that I’ll put in my shop.  I might also make up a mirrored version to be the backing to a canvas ornament set.  I think these would be pretty funny hanging from the tree.

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