Catching up with D&H

The first tape that I ever bought was Catching Up With Depeche Mode.  This is not to be confused with the first tape I ever owned, which was the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack (thanks, Dad!).  The Depeche Mode tape has such great cover art.  I should totally do a version with, like… sloths or something.  That sounds like a reasonable use of my time.  Okay… what have I been up to?

House portraits, commissioned by considerate gifters:

Some holidayish cut-and-sew fabric:

and this one isn’t so holidayish, but the bonus squirrel sleep mask really cracks me up:

For… a new fabric shop (exciting!  the possibilities!), which is being populated rather slowly, as I wait for test swatches, adjust colours, etc.  Depending on how much I trust my sewing abilities, there might be tea towels, pillows, ornaments, and who knows what else in my shop soon.  Woo!

Happy New Year festivities, everybody!

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