little hammock in the woods

Ah, fall.  Along with nut gathering and fat building, we’ve been busy around here preparing for Doodle and Boo’s baby sister to arrive.  Any day now!  I had forgotten about this fabric that I designed over the summer, but ran across it in my Spoonflower shop while ordering fabric for sewing up D&H Christmas ornaments.  I love Christmas, but why does it always have to encroach on my fall?

I once spent the night in a hammock in a jungle in Belize.  I remember being quite calm about the situation, despite (thanks to?) having my machete within arm’s reach as I slept.  This summer, I was about 7 months pregnant when we went camping, so my husband offered up his hammock to me so that I could be more comfortable.  Have you seen these newfangled camping hammocks?  You enter from the bottom or the side and are then completely encased in your own little cocoon.  Once inside, it didn’t take long for me to get a little panicky and gently request assistance in getting myself “out of this thing!!!”  Maybe I’ll appreciate the cocoon more next summer when I’m a little more mobile and a little less like a turtle stuck on my back.

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