captain of the swim team

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Here’s the quick remedy to my house portrait ennui.  It’s not a squirrel, but it’s definitely not a house, either.

A while ago, I predicted that sloths would be the new owls.  I was so sure!  Well, it turns out that foxes are the new owls, and I have to eat my hat.  But, I am declaring now, in front of my millions of readers, that sloths are the new foxes.  Have you done an image search for “sloth”?  You need to do it now.  Fact: there is no number of sloth pictures that will desensitize you to the crazy freakishness of the sloth.

D&H PSA: Don’t “rescue” swimming sloths!

D&H bonus: I need a slow loris

Okay, back to houses.

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