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Hoowee!  Have I ever been busy lately.  Number three (I’ve decided to just number my children from now on) is the time-suckingest baby ever.  She’s hell-bent on killing herself, requiring constant vigilance, and is not overly interested in sleeping.  So, it was kind of against all odds that I got around to entering this year’s Fabric8 contest over on Spoonflower.  I was really surprised and pleased to be picked for the semi-final round of 100 designs with this fabric design.  And THEN, after a week of voting, I was shocked to learn that I’m actually one of the Fabric 8 this year!  What?!?  I have no idea how that happened, but I’m not complaining.  So, now I’m tasked with creating a collection around my original design for the final round.  Oh the pressure!  The theme is “geek chic.”  I guess I’m halfway there…

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