Ooh yeeah, sucka’

tentacle stripe green blog

Worst title for a post ever.  I guess I should have stuck with “tentacle stripe” or something, but I just can’t look at those suckers without thinking of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man.  I seem to remember them calling each other “sucka” all the time.  Were they even rivals?  Now I’m going to piss off the legions of WWF fans reading my blog with my lack of wrestling knowledge.  Maybe this grammar question will placate them: do you use an apostrophe to stand in for a letter in a word even if you’ve changed the spelling of the word in your shortened form?  I’ll report back.

Where was I?  Oh!  Tentacles.  This is a fabric design I worked up to be in my collection for the Fabric8 contest.  I like it, but it ended up in the reject pile because it didn’t coordinate as well as the other stripe I designed.  It’ll still be available in my fabric shop, though.  Because what little girl doesn’t need a tentacle stripe skirt?  None.  I made a blue one, too:

tentacle stripe blue blog

Breaking news!  Do you remember when I predicted that sloths would be the next owls and THEN I predicted that sloths would be the next foxes.  Yeah.  Remember that?!  Well, guess what category was in the “hot this month” Etsy newsletter this morning?  Bam.  Oh man, and I just listed my swimming sloth print… now it looks like I’m trying to be all tryndee!  How embarrassing.

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