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I thought I had published this post, but it’s been sitting in my drafts for weeks.  I’m pretty happy to get the chance to edit it, though, since the original had a lengthy analysis of the Survivor song The Search is Over, in which I declare it to be the rockingest ballad in history.  I must have written that post in the wee hours.  Don’t I have a “no blogging after midnight” policy?  I should.

Anyway, here we are: August.  August, during which I (at least mentally) gear up for fall/holiday season.  August, during which the creative juices start to flow and I’m eager to create.  August, during which I continue to single parent three young children, one of whom is of the crazy and needy baby variety, but at least the end is in sight.  Might as well deal with a backlog of blog posts.

This is the fabric collection I came up with for the Fabric8 finals: my collection, seahorse stripe, collection vessels green, and mossy morning.  I didn’t win (congrats to Sarah!), but being in the finals was really fun.  Here’s a profile of me that Spoonflower ran on their blog.

I was living for a dream… loving for a moment.  Taking on the woooooorld – that was just my style.  So good.

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