birch stripe

birch stripe blog

I guess this isn’t the soon-to-be-springiest post I could be making.  Not that it’s looking very springy around here, but it’s certainly not looking fallish.  Hold on… there.  It still looks like this version around here:

birch stripe winter blog

Anyway, I’ve been into designing fabric with stripes that aren’t stripes and spots that aren’t spots.  I wonder what other types of patterns I could adapt.  “Chevron” certainly is all the rage right now (I use quotation marks because I maintain that “chevron” is just a “cool” re-branding of “zig zag” and I’m not buying it!!!).  How about… shark tooth chevron?  Stalactite chevron?  Snail trail chevron?  These are heady times, people.  Heady times.

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