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Zombies have it pretty good, eh?  It seems like that is not a life (or lack of life, I guess) full of too much stress.  No housecleaning, no money worries, and definitely no over thinking, mulling, contemplating, or agonizing.  Maybe they envy us the brain-centered torture we put ourselves through, and that’s why the want to eat our brains – oh! maybe they’re helping us escape our cerebral fates!  Hmm, I guess either of those things would require a well-functioning brain to work through.  Maybe brains are just darn tasty.

I completed this brainy cameo for a friend recently.  She commissioned it as a gift for a loved one who likes all things brain, including vintage phrenological charts, but also modern design and general cuteness (a logical combo, if you ask me). Perhaps brains are the next sloth… I think I’ll be offering a custom version of this in my shop soon.  What better way to say “I love your brain”? In the meantime, here’s my brain fabric, for all of your… brain… fabric… needs.  I would love to know what people have been using this (and all my fabrics!) for.  Maybe they were all big nut lovers mistaking it for walnut fabric…

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