in training (again)



I’m having fun with this gif thing, so I decided to animate a few of my old drawings.  This chimp (from way back in 2009!) was just itching to be set free to… eternally circle a little moon thing.  Images of space always feel kind of sad and lonely to me, and I guess this one is no exception.  Maybe he needs a buddy.  Anyway, this month’s Loop de Loop theme is GO, so I submitted this!  This chimp could be cycling on screens in Australia, Paris, and LA!  How cool is that?!  Loop de Loop has an indiegogo campaign going on right now to help expand into more cities.  I’m voting for Toronto!  Check it out if you want to help them.

Update!  Check out my gif on the Loop de Loop site!  Watch all of the other GO animations while you’re there, too (or go to one of the screenings if you can!).

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