woodland damask

woodland wallpaper for blog

I’m so sorry, poor little neglected blog! I guess a lot of blogs are probably being neglected in this world of instagram, facebook, and stuff, but I can’t say that I’m super good at keeping up with those, either. I wanted to pop in today, though, to say hi to anyone who might have been looking for me after meeting me at the Christmas One of a Kind show in Toronto. Hi! This was the biggest and longest show I’ve done, by far (11 days!), and I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful artisans, shop owners, shoppers, and fans!  Check out my instagram for some pics of the show.

I designed this pattern for wallpaper to go on the back wall of my booth and it was the unexpected star of the show! I got it printed by Spoonflower on their amazing woven peel and stick repositionable wallpaper and was super impressed by it. I was even able to save it to use in my house afterwards! Lots of visitors to my booth were interested in getting their hands on it for themselves, so here it is in my Spoonflower shop.

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