New year, new… year

calendar for blog

Happy 2016, everybody! Pretty stoked it’s a leap year (those are always the best). Most hilarious word I learned in 2015? Antimacassar. These guys are probably looking it up in the dictionary right now. If you want to sew up one of my tea towel calendars for yourself, it’s in my spoonflower shop!

woodland damask

woodland wallpaper for blog

I’m so sorry, poor little neglected blog! I guess a lot of blogs are probably being neglected in this world of instagram, facebook, and stuff, but I can’t say that I’m super good at keeping up with those, either. I wanted to pop in today, though, to say hi to anyone who might have been looking for me after meeting me at the Christmas One of a Kind show in Toronto. Hi! This was the biggest and longest show I’ve done, by far (11 days!), and I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful artisans, shop owners, shoppers, and fans!  Check out my instagram for some pics of the show.

I designed this pattern for wallpaper to go on the back wall of my booth and it was the unexpected star of the show! I got it printed by Spoonflower on their amazing woven peel and stick repositionable wallpaper and was super impressed by it. I was even able to save it to use in my house afterwards! Lots of visitors to my booth were interested in getting their hands on it for themselves, so here it is in my Spoonflower shop.

I think I want a bunny


It’s true. Here’s a gif version of another Easter card I made this spring. You know how, if you look at a word long enough, it starts looking really weird and not really like a word at all? Well, the visual equivalent of that happened with me and bunny nose twitches while I was making this gif. I watched so many nose twitch videos that those little bunny noses started looking like impossible alien beings, operating in a way that no earthly piece of anatomy has any business operating. I don’t know that all my watching did any good, either. This animation business requires a kind of patience that I may or may not possess.  I’ve been slowly collecting the gifs I’ve been making over on tumblr, so you can judge for yourself.

Update!! I totally got a bunny! He’s pretty much the best.

Can’t stop the cute

lamb for blog

The last time I posted, I was complaining about my inability to escape drawing cutesy things.  I had actually forgotten about writing that until just now when I came to post some new stuff.  Guys.  It’s gotten worse.  Maybe it’s hard to do an edgy Easter card.  Easter’s supposed to be cute, right?  Anyway, I was getting ready for the One of a Kind Show and realised that none of my cards were especially Easterish, so this lamb happened. In other news, I’ve been back from the show for a week now, and the standing for five days straight soreness has finally gone away. This was my biggest and longest show, by far, and it was super fun and successful.  A special hello to everyone I met there!

goin’ ‘quatchin’

sasquatch for blog

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve entered a Spoonflower challenge, but when I saw all of the inventive “mythical plushies” popping up on instagram, I decided to join in the fun.  Of course, I didn’t decide until the very last day that I would enter, so I have to admit to doing a bit of a rush job on this guy and submitting him at the (literal) last second.  Now I’m having a bit of procrastinator’s regret, because his face is driving me nuts.  It’s just so…. cute!  Between him and my valentine chipmunk, I think I have a cavity.  I wonder what can get me out of my cute rut.

another groundhog day?


It’s February 3rd, thank goodness.  All three of my kids and my husband are sick with a stomach virus, and I fell asleep last night with visions of waking up in the morning to another Groundhog Day of endless moaning and clean up.  I posted this animated version of my Groundhog Day drawing to my tumblr yesterday morning when Groundhog Day looked like it was going to be an extra-fun snow day.  Oh the innocence…