my day (again and again…)


The theme for December and January’s loop de loop happened to be faces.  I had already made this loop, so I added a lot more frames to make it smoother before submitting it.  It used to look really choppy, but now it just looks like I have a wriggly caterpillar for a mouth, so I’m not sure which is better.  I have a few drawings that I’m very slowly animating here and there when I have a few minutes – if only because my tumblr is looking pretty lame with only two loops so far.  A lot of my time these days has been occupied with filling orders from my shop and building up stock for upcoming shows.  Until the end of March, I’ll be freaking out about getting ready for the One of a Kind Show in Toronto.  For pics of my show prep and products and stuff, check out my instagram.  Let me harass you from all social media outlets!!!

fairy ring, late afternoon

fairy ring

I had never encountered a fairy ring until a couple of months ago.  During my morning “run” (aka mushroom spotting and moss examining) through the forest, I spotted a cluster of cute little mushrooms… then another… hey! there’s a line… wait!  what?!  A fairy ring!!!!!  Upon further investigation, I found two intersecting rings – a fairy figure eight, if you will.  I took my camera back the next morning to document my find, but, mysteriously, the battery was dead even though I had just charged it!  Coincidence?  I think not.  By the next day, the mushrooms had become slug fodder, I guess, and the ring was impossible to make out  the fallen leaves.  Or maybe it just claimed a victim and disappeared.

in training (again)



I’m having fun with this gif thing, so I decided to animate a few of my old drawings.  This chimp (from way back in 2009!) was just itching to be set free to… eternally circle a little moon thing.  Images of space always feel kind of sad and lonely to me, and I guess this one is no exception.  Maybe he needs a buddy.  Anyway, this month’s Loop de Loop theme is GO, so I submitted this!  This chimp could be cycling on screens in Australia, Paris, and LA!  How cool is that?!  Loop de Loop has an indiegogo campaign going on right now to help expand into more cities.  I’m voting for Toronto!  Check it out if you want to help them.

Update!  Check out my gif on the Loop de Loop site!  Watch all of the other GO animations while you’re there, too (or go to one of the screenings if you can!).

my day


I’ve been admiring some really amazing illustrated gifs lately.  I have no idea what I’m doing, but I decided to see if I could make one in Photoshop, and here’s what I have so far.  I’m really excited to work on these when I have a bit of time here and there, so I started a tumblr as a little home for them.  I figured that I’m pretty good at keeping this blog and my facebook updated, so I might as well start another.  Oh wait…

the little house round up

house roundup blog

I have been extremely boring for the longest time now.  You know why?  Houses.  That’s right.  Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoying doing house portraits.  But when I do too many in a row, I start to feel a little antsy as all of the earth shatteringly brilliant ideas on my “to draw” list go undrawn!  This is the first night in months that I haven’t had a house to work on, so I thought I’d celebrate with a little house round up on the old neglected blog.  Houses.  And a couple of adolescent moose.  Now… on to that list…



brain portrait with labels blog

Zombies have it pretty good, eh?  It seems like that is not a life (or lack of life, I guess) full of too much stress.  No housecleaning, no money worries, and definitely no over thinking, mulling, contemplating, or agonizing.  Maybe they envy us the brain-centered torture we put ourselves through, and that’s why the want to eat our brains – oh! maybe they’re helping us escape our cerebral fates!  Hmm, I guess either of those things would require a well-functioning brain to work through.  Maybe brains are just darn tasty.

I completed this brainy cameo for a friend recently.  She commissioned it as a gift for a loved one who likes all things brain, including vintage phrenological charts, but also modern design and general cuteness (a logical combo, if you ask me). Perhaps brains are the next sloth… I think I’ll be offering a custom version of this in my shop soon.  What better way to say “I love your brain”? In the meantime, here’s my brain fabric, for all of your… brain… fabric… needs.  I would love to know what people have been using this (and all my fabrics!) for.  Maybe they were all big nut lovers mistaking it for walnut fabric…

formaldehyde blog

birch stripe

birch stripe blog

I guess this isn’t the soon-to-be-springiest post I could be making.  Not that it’s looking very springy around here, but it’s certainly not looking fallish.  Hold on… there.  It still looks like this version around here:

birch stripe winter blog

Anyway, I’ve been into designing fabric with stripes that aren’t stripes and spots that aren’t spots.  I wonder what other types of patterns I could adapt.  “Chevron” certainly is all the rage right now (I use quotation marks because I maintain that “chevron” is just a “cool” re-branding of “zig zag” and I’m not buying it!!!).  How about… shark tooth chevron?  Stalactite chevron?  Snail trail chevron?  These are heady times, people.  Heady times.

daily resolution

resolution blog

Are there people who don’t feel better after walking in the woods?  I’m sure that there are.  Are those people actually looking at the patterns on the tree trunks?  Are they being very quiet and listening for squirrels in the leaves and woodpeckers in the distance?  Are they noticing the moss/acorns/pine needles/chipmunk holes/rotting logs on the forest floor?  BUT are they lifting up those logs and looking for salamanders?  AND have they experienced that particular afternoon sunbeam angle that flips the canopy switch to glow?  Well?

Maybe someone out there is wondering if there’s anyone who hates the mall.