heat wave

Sorry for the lack of post last night.  I actually forgot it was Sunday until it was too late, probably because I felt a lot like this squirrel looks.  But less smiling.  And more moaning.  I’m not a big fan of the heat.  If it must be hot, then I must be in the breezy shade beside a lake or, preferably, in the lake.  But I’m not anywhere near my favourite lake, so moaning works, too.

I just noticed that the straw in this squirrel’s lemonade is not visible through the glass, and is clearly at the wrong angle, but it’s too hot to fix it.

party on procession hill


You might think that my weekly drawing quota would be filled by my completion of two D&H posts. But you would be forgetting that my life is ruled by a toddler dictator and I don’t always get to choose what I do in my “free” time. Doodle’s favourite indoor pastime is drawing. He has lines down pat, and even some scribbles, but still has to commission all of his other drawings from me. Since Doodle’s vocabulary is very limited, I spend my days drawing balls and cars and more balls and more cars. I figured I might as well incorporate some cars into a D&H drawing after getting so much practice.

Coming soon… explosion at the ball factory! (Not really… unless I get desperate.)

among the fiddleheads


Finally! The giant hedgehog makes his triumphant return! I guess you can’t really tell how giant he is, so you’ll just have to take my word for it (I guess those ferns are pretty big, too). And what’s the deal with this girl? Does she know he’s there? Does he know she’s there? What is she reading? Where is her other leg? So many questions! I’ve long been a fan of hedgehogs, but am just now noticing that lots of other people are, too. Hedgehogs abound!

Speaking of hedgehogs – I snagged another Etsy treasury this afternoon and dedicated it to them. Check it out! This one expires Saturday at 11:07am.

And while you’re there, check out this treasury curated by art4milkbones. I’m featured! Hurray!

aye aye phone home


I drew this aye aye for my husband, who is unusually freaked out by them.  You know, I get it – they have freakishly long fingers that could easily pick out your brain from whatever orifice seems appealing.  But it’s that kind of superstitious prejudice (you know, against long-fingered freaks) that has put aye ayes on the endangered species list.  Let’s just accept their fingers for the extremely well-evolved grub grabbing devices that they are, people.

In other, non aye aye related, news, this has been an eventful week at Doodle and Hoob.  First of all, my URL is now doodleandhoob.com (short and sweet).  Also, I opened my very own Etsy shop today AND have made my very first sale (thanks, Lucy!)!!!  So, yeah, check it out under the shop tab if you’re interested.  Etsy offers a nifty little widget for blogs, etc., but WordPress doesn’t allow it (boo), so all you get is a hot screenshot.  You’ll recognize our friend abe abe (the aye aye, duh) in my new banner.