SAD afflictee’s medicine cabinet


Okay, so the title’s a work in progress, and I know not all of the bottle contents would necessarily help someone suffering from seasonal affective disorder. This drawing was sitting there unnamed, though, and I know that most of these things cheer me up. Any other suggestions? Oh, I will also mention that I know one of these bottles, personally. The one holding the robin eggs is an old glass shampoo bottle that has been hanging around my cottage forever.

p.s. If you’re reading this before Tuesday morning at 8:55, check out my current Etsy treasury.

Earlier in the week, I put together a really nice bottle-themed treasury. I guess I had bottles on the brain.

aw, nuts!


I know, dumb name. Amy Poehler has some SNL character who says that and I can’t get it out of my head. Those of you who have visted my new Etsy shop, or those of you visiting from it (hi!) will recognise this squirrel. He was actually a super quick sketch that I did when I first got my new tablet last year. I came across him recently and thought he was funny, so I gave him a background and something to live for. Doodle and I have been doing a lot of squirrel watching lately (a fascination we inherited from my dad). Mostly, we admire the acrobatic prowess displayed in their attempts to completely empty our bird feeder every day. Those guys are nuts.