knitting sheep blog 2

I’ve been knitting/thinking about knitting a lot lately.  I’m trying to finish this stuuupid scarf that I started Iwon’tadmithowmany years ago so that I can get onto my Christmas aspirations.  Maybe I should just start now for Christmas 2010.  I’ll fake sick this year or something.

Anyway, I’ve also been thinking about sheep, while holding their once was wooliness in my hands.  I figure that I’ll move to a farm one day and start a retirement home for sheep so that they don’t get muttonized.  Really, it’s the least I can do, considering all they’ve done for me.  Thanks, sheep.

good drying day

clothesline blog

Uhhhh… huh.  This is kind of strange and I’m not sure how it evolved, but I assure you that there is nothing sinister going on here.  I’ve had tails on the brain since the other day when Doodle announced that he would like a tail just like Hoob’s.  I also have laundry on the brain way more than I’d like to, and today was, in fact, a good drying day.  So, there you go.  Next week: mice swimming in a sink full of dishes.

in training

bikeplanet blog

Doodle: “What’s that?”

Me: “What do you think it is?”

Doodle: “A monkey!  Riding a bike!  On the moon!  Why?”

Me:  “… well, it’s an ape… aaand, gee, I don’t know why.”

Doodle:  (very disturbed) “But, that little monkey should be riding his bike on the sidewalk!  Not on the street, and not on the moon.”

Me:  “Um…”

Doodle: (getting hysterical) “And where are the little monkey’s mom and dad?  That little monkey shouldn’t be riding his bike without his mom or dad!”

Huh.  I didn’t mean for this to be such a disturbing image!  I guess it is kind of lonely, though.  And I’m creeped out by chimpanzees in general these days (if you don’t know why, I’ll spare you).  It’s a chimp, though, because of the whole um, chimp in space thing… did that really happen?  Oh!  It did!  Ha!  That’s kind of sad, though.  Maybe I didn’t really think this one through…  Anyway, I don’t know why Doodle assumed it was a “little monkey,” especially since the chimp is way too big for that bike.

But I’m way off track – I’m supposed to be talking about the Tri-State Trek in support of ALS research!  This print will be in my shop soon and any proceeds made from the sale of it will go towards this year’s Trek.  All of the proceeds from last year’s print still go to the Trek, too.  My husband is making the 270 mile ride from Boston to NYC again this year!

mother’s day

mothersday blog

Huh.  I guess I thought it was Mothers’ Day, but it’s really Mother’s Day?  Weird.  In any case, I hope it was happy.  I’m not sure what it means that I chose to mark the day with a drawing of my mom’s most feared animal (actually, it’s probably a toss up between bears and sharks).  Sorry, Mom.  I’m sure you’d have nothing to fear from a mother bear, though… especially if she has her cubs with her.  Oh.  I just made myself feel a little sick thinking too much about bear attacks.

I spent way too long trying to dapple these bears with sun, but it ended up looking more like mange, so I gave up for now.

Hunca Munca


Poor Hunca Munca found a very pink dollhouse to hang out in.  This was going to be a portrait of my own dollhouse, which I became reacquainted with when Doodle found it at the cottage, but… well, it became pink and plastic and pretty darn ugly instead.  I also didn’t mean to have a mouse inhabiting the attic, but at least I know where she came from.  Out of the set of Beatrix Potter books, Doodle’s current favourite is Two Bad Mice.  Wait a minute… I did clean some very mousy looking stuff out of the attic of my dollhouse last summer!  I forgot about that.  They’re probably in there right now!  I’m okay with that, as long as they don’t chew anything up.  Years ago, a mouse chewed Chip‘s face off.  Seriously – just his face.  Not cool.

how do they know?


If it weren’t already painfully obvious that watching the bird feeder is prime entertainment in my household, I guess it is now.  Seriously, though – does there exist some kind of bird/squirrel 6th sense involving newly-filled birdfeeders?  I imagine this being one in a series of drawings documenting a knock-down-drag-out over the contents of the feeder.  I’ll put my money on the crows.

solstice celebration


Happy winter solstice!  I had nothing going on in the idea department this week, so here is a husband-suggested drawing.  We finally got a nice layer of snow to hibernate under here in New England – just in time!  

The other day I had 37 crows in my backyard at once!  The squirrels looked on from a distance.

new drawings, familiar faces


Welcome to the new and improved Doodle and Hoob!  The link images for my new front page took up so much time this week, I didn’t do my regular Sunday drawing.  Instead, here are larger versions of the links for you to peruse.  

I actually drew this first one a couple of weeks ago, before I drew “endgame …”  Maybe it’s the same guy – who some of you have assumed is my husband.  I guess I see the resemblance.  Whoever he is, he must be pretty secure in his masculinity to hang out with so many bears.  Any guesses on what the bear is saying?


I apologize for the extra click to get to the blog, now.  For those of you with severe cases of impatience/carpal tunnel, you can always just bookmark this page.  This drawing was inspired by the seriously dorky cool Moleskine flickr groups.  

Don’t bother trying to read my “Latin” (you know you want to).  It’s just Lorem ipsum.


Woodland creatures dig my stuff.  Or maybe they’re just freaking themselves out contemplating the horrors of formaldehyde.  

Check out my shop to see the new banner I made using last week’s drawing.

I love how you’re not allowed to smile in passport pictures.  I got Doodle’s passport when he was just about a year old.  It took at least a half an hour to get the shot because he wouldn’t close his mouth!  

Now that I have a nice new link to my “about me” page, I really need to update my info and picture…  Maybe next week.