and then there were five


I’m back!  I took the liberty of giving myself a nice long maternity leave while reacquainting myself with life with a newborn (pure… um… joy).  Doodle’s little sister (Doodette?  Twoodle?  Me Toodle?) was born one month ago today!  In celebration, I drew a new family portrait for my “About Me” page.  I have to admit that this doesn’t really look all that much like my husband.  In fact, it’s weirding me out a bit that this four-fingered stranger has his hand on Doodle’s head like that.

Let the regular updates resume!  Hopefully…

guess what

Today’s drawing comes with an announcement.  Guess what!  No, I didn’t eat Doodle.  But, as some of you already know, Doodle is going to be a big brother (and Hoob is going to be a big… dog sister?)!  Yay!

This drawing was kind of inspired by Sarah Varon‘s pregnant bunny in her awesome Sweaterweather.  Although all those little bunnies swimming around in their mum’s pregnant tummy are super cute, I felt inclined to chose an animal that has, um, fewer babies.  It’s not that I fancy myself a bear (or some kind of bearish creature) or anything.

In other D&H news, check out the nice write-up I got on this blog.  Thanks so much to Susan of Kiddlebug.  Check out the rest of her blog for some great kid-related finds and mom musings, and check out her Etsy shop for cute felty kids’ stuff.

PS – Happy Canada Day, everyone!  I won’t be up Canada way for a couple of weeks, but at least I have Stompin’ Tom here to help me celebrate (link included for non-Canadians only, obviously).