isolated elements

In CT, we were pretty close to two aquaria, both of which we visited several times and really enjoyed.  So, I was really disappointed to confirm my suspicion that there isn’t an aquarium in all of Ontario.  Our closest aquarium would have been the super old and cool looking Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit, but it closed in 2005.

Because we’re away from home for long stretches of time and I generally strive to avoid killing things, we don’t have any fish of our own.  This goes for all pets other than Hoob, who travels with us or stays at Grandma’s.  I’m pretty sure that I need some marimo, though.

collector of worlds

terrarium collection blog
I warn you that this is, apparently, a pretty boring drawing.  Evidence: I kept falling asleep at my computer while drawing it.  I actually started this collection a few weeks ago when I ended up drawing this instead.  My interest in all things mossy was renewed last week when my terrarium popped up over at the Naughty Secretary Club and in the accompanying Storque article.  Maybe I should make a real one this summer.  You know, to be all trendy and stuff.

Other drawing type stuff I’ve been up to:

ToF blog

I made this new logo for our beloved playgroup.  Yes, we are fun.  Tots of fun (get it?).  Too bad the ladder doesn’t lead to the top of the spiral slide (that’s, um, what the S is supposed to be).  Maybe I should propose a name change to Tost of Fun.  We’re moving back to Ontario soon and will miss our CT friends very much.  Thanks for playing with us.

habitat 1


Mossy terrariums are super popular over at Etsy.  I can only assume that the trend all stems from the awesome terrarium I put together when I was little.  I had this gigantic plastic genie bottle thing that I loaded up with mosses and other stuff from the woods at my cottage.  I also found a little inhabitant for my terrarium.  His name was Skippy.  He was a bright orange slime mould.  Yes, I had a pet slime mould.  One day, I couldn’t find Skippy.  Around the same time, I read The Two-Thousand-Pound Goldfish.  The combination of these events led to a few sleepless nights during which I imagined that Skippy had slipped out of the terrarium, grown infinitely in size, and was coming to smother me for taking him out of his natural habitat.  In actuality, he probably shriveled up.  Sorry, Skippy.

Ars moriendi


There are several benefits of having a scientist dad (or mom, of course).  Even better than the enhanced pet possibilities and the never-ending answers to those never-ending kid questions about the natural world are the occasional visits to the lab.  If you managed to get tired of looking at the vast array of live animals, stuffed animals, skeletons, unidentifiable things in jars, and weird paraphernalia, you could always read the hundreds of Far Side comics taped to the walls.

On a very vaguely related note: I just know that some of you will be interested to learn that Wyatt from Weird Science is now a medievalist!  Nice!

SAD afflictee’s medicine cabinet


Okay, so the title’s a work in progress, and I know not all of the bottle contents would necessarily help someone suffering from seasonal affective disorder. This drawing was sitting there unnamed, though, and I know that most of these things cheer me up. Any other suggestions? Oh, I will also mention that I know one of these bottles, personally. The one holding the robin eggs is an old glass shampoo bottle that has been hanging around my cottage forever.

p.s. If you’re reading this before Tuesday morning at 8:55, check out my current Etsy treasury.

Earlier in the week, I put together a really nice bottle-themed treasury. I guess I had bottles on the brain.