a place for everything


While looking at my new galleries last week, I thought that the three “Shelves and Cabinets” drawings looked kind of lonely, so I decided to add to their ranks.  There is something very satisfying about well-organised kid stuff.  So far, we’ve managed to avoid the “more kid stuff than you have space for” trap, even in our little apartment (the same cannot be said for our grown-up stuff), so all of Doodle’s toys, etc., actually go to the proper place before bedtime.  Luckily, Doodle is still young enough to think that this is an okay game, too.

PS – Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!  I hope you enjoy your turkey/tofurky, football, parade… and then that freaky shopping thing you do on Friday.  Don’t get hurt.

party on procession hill


You might think that my weekly drawing quota would be filled by my completion of two D&H posts. But you would be forgetting that my life is ruled by a toddler dictator and I don’t always get to choose what I do in my “free” time. Doodle’s favourite indoor pastime is drawing. He has lines down pat, and even some scribbles, but still has to commission all of his other drawings from me. Since Doodle’s vocabulary is very limited, I spend my days drawing balls and cars and more balls and more cars. I figured I might as well incorporate some cars into a D&H drawing after getting so much practice.

Coming soon… explosion at the ball factory! (Not really… unless I get desperate.)