Ars moriendi


There are several benefits of having a scientist dad (or mom, of course).  Even better than the enhanced pet possibilities and the never-ending answers to those never-ending kid questions about the natural world are the occasional visits to the lab.  If you managed to get tired of looking at the vast array of live animals, stuffed animals, skeletons, unidentifiable things in jars, and weird paraphernalia, you could always read the hundreds of Far Side comics taped to the walls.

On a very vaguely related note: I just know that some of you will be interested to learn that Wyatt from Weird Science is now a medievalist!  Nice!

winner of the costume contest

I have the bad habit of assuming that everything from my childhood is kind of universal to all childhoods.  Since moving to the States, I’ve found myself blabbing away to completely blank stares more than I wish to admit.  Apparently, sticking maple keys on the bridge of one’s nose is not, in fact, universal (believe it or not).  And, I was surprised to find that the term “maple key” is not necessarily known (they’re also called “helicopters,” “whirligigs,” “polynoses (??),”  and, more technically, “samaras,” btw).  Huh.  While I’m at it, might I complain about Americans not really having a suitable word for “touque/toque/tuque“?  What’s that all about?

PS – I have no idea what kind of creature this is.