meanwhile, in suite 236…


You just know that armadillos can do wicked backspins. This drawing is kind of a sequel to the HoJo hoedown. It, too, started out as a sketch in my lecture notes. In fact, I had to (digitally) white out some handwriting and the lines from the paper. I coloured this on my laptop and saw nice, mellow colours, but am now looking at it on another monitor and find the colours to be rather garish. I wonder what everyone else sees.

hoedown at the hojo’s


This drawing started out as a quick sketch in my lecture notes (bad student).  I end up thinking about dogs a lot when my mind wanders (did I mention… bad student?).  After I finished it, the background colours reminded me of Howard Johnson’s.  By the time I remembered that HoJo’s is orange and blue, the name had already stuck.