how do they know?


If it weren’t already painfully obvious that watching the bird feeder is prime entertainment in my household, I guess it is now.  Seriously, though – does there exist some kind of bird/squirrel 6th sense involving newly-filled birdfeeders?  I imagine this being one in a series of drawings documenting a knock-down-drag-out over the contents of the feeder.  I’ll put my money on the crows.

an unforeseen benefit of having an attic bedroom

Snow day!  It hasn’t snowed here yet, but there are rumours floating around about snow nearby.  We got a couple of pretty good snows last year, but it’s been years since I’ve lived somewhere with really satisfying winters.  My husband’s newfangled snowshoes haven’t even been out to play since Kalamazoo (um… three cities and four years ago).  I can’t look at old school snowshoes like these ones without thinking about my old friend Tammy, who, while snowshoeing with our grade 4/5 class at a nearby nature centre, managed to break her thumb.  How the?  Snowshoeing accident… really?  Her cast was pretty sweet, though, and I was a little bit jealous of it.  I wonder if Tammy ever thinks about that fateful day in Eden Mills.  Facebook, here I come…

after the pool party

Pool partaaaaay!  I haven’t been to a pool party in… almost three years (but it was a really good one), but I did get to swim in a pool yesterday for the first time in… almost three years, not counting toddler swimming lessons at the Y, which sooo do not count.  I would have rather been in the lake, but I’ll take what I can get, and, quite honestly, it’s been many, many years since I’ve gotten up the nerve to jump in on May two-four (one of my very favourite holidays*).  Today is Memorial Day in the States, which is, understandably, just not quite as festive.  I’m pretty sure that my neighbour drank at least a two-four, though.

I didn’t actually intend to give this pool a face when I started this drawing.  Now I feel kind of bad that its so sad.  Maybe I need to do a little cut->reverse image->rotate 90 degrees clockwise->paste on his mouth.

* I included this Urban Dictionary link to aid those readers who might not be familiar with the institution that is the May two-four.  I do have to take issue, though, with the use of the word “camp” in the entry for “cottage.”  Who says that?

treasure island


This post is going up a little late tonight because, well, that’s a lot of houses. This drawing kind of came out of nowhere, but now that I think about it (because, you know, I have to write about something), it actually incorporates lots of things that I think are kind of cool. Islands, of all sorts, are pretty neat. I once watched a gang of eight year olds examine a dead bird for about an hour on one of these suburban islands. Maps, obviously, are cool, especially the treasure kind. Now that it is getting warmer and Doodle and I are looking forward to spending our days walking around in the woods, I think we might have to take up letterboxing. There are tons of boxes near us, and Doodle loves nothing more than finding stuff hidden in other stuff. The trick will be getting him to put the boxes back.