colossal slacker

My love of giant squid is not a secret.  What’s there not to love?  You can imagine my excitement a few years ago when that colossal squid was caught off Antarctica (poor squid).  Well, let me tell you – it just keeps getting better in the world of abyssal gigantism!  This article was brought to my attention last week (thanks to fellow squid lover Katie), and it really cracked me up.  The razor sharp hooks on the arms and tentacles of the colossal squid had been held as evidence that the squid is a fierce hunter, but now it turns out that he probably just hangs out, lump like, waiting for his dinner to swim past.  Ha!  That is so squid.  And speaking of those tentacle hooks – did you know that they could rotate 360 degrees??  Um… awesome.

papa’s beach (low tide)

I’ve been thinking about maps a lot lately because Doodle is seriously into Winnie-the-Pooh and wants me to look at the map of the “100 Aker Wood” about a thousand times a day so that he can show me the Bee Tree. So, I was in a mappy frame of mind when we visited one of our favourite beaches today. If asked what he would like to do at any given moment, Doodle will most likely want to go to “Papa’s Beach,” named by him after an apparently memorable trip there with one of his grandfathers. I’m pretty sure that there’s treasure buried on the island, but I haven’t been able to look for any because the island is closed until the fall because it’s a heron and egret nesting area.

Woah! Get THIS! So, I had never been on the site for this beach before, but just went to check for the date on which the island opens up again (Aug 31st, fyi), and it turns out that Captain Kidd is “reputed to have buried his treasure on the island in 1699”!!! I knew it!  I hope he didn’t disturb any egrets.  In equally exciting Papa’s Beach island news: apparently that is no ordinary sandbar, but rather a tombolo. It seems as though I have some changes to make to this drawing!

deep green sea, part 2

Watch out, Mr. Old School Diver! Giant squids are awesome. You don’t need me to tell you that, though. Squids are all the rage these days. Did you see that GS special on National Geographic? Woah – super exciting in a dorky scientist way (no offense, Dad). This drawing, again, is thanks to my husband, who sketched out the, um, rough version. I thought this would be an easy post for me, thanks to my helper, but it took a lot of squid research to figure out where to put those two super long tentacles (all the better to suction on to you so that I can chomp you with my beak, my dear). I still don’t know if that’s where they go. Pictures of squids tend to not make a lot of sense.

Coming on Wednesday – back to your regularly scheduled drawing! I recently got a request for more squirrels, so maybe I’ll comply.

hammonasset beach


One of the best things about our recent move to New England is that we have local access to the ocean. (Apparently, you’re not really supposed to call the Long Island Sound the ocean, but it fulfills my ocean expectations, so I’m happy.) Doodle and I have been taking advantage of this, and will spend hours walking the boardwalk, chasing seagulls, finding cool rocks/seaglass, poking at jellyfish, digging in the cold sand, and running away from the waves. The beaches here have an interesting combination of sand and smooth stones. Doodle loves to find a nice stoney section and stand on the rocks right where the water comes in around them, but not over them. Then he’ll throw stones into the water until I finally drag him away crying. It’s very hard for me to later explain to him that he can’t throw the stones that we brought home in the house. Because we moved here last fall, we have only come to know and love the off-season beach. I have a feeling that an afternoon at the beach won’t be quite as relaxing come summertime!