and then there were five


I’m back!  I took the liberty of giving myself a nice long maternity leave while reacquainting myself with life with a newborn (pure… um… joy).  Doodle’s little sister (Doodette?  Twoodle?  Me Toodle?) was born one month ago today!  In celebration, I drew a new family portrait for my “About Me” page.  I have to admit that this doesn’t really look all that much like my husband.  In fact, it’s weirding me out a bit that this four-fingered stranger has his hand on Doodle’s head like that.

Let the regular updates resume!  Hopefully…

Janus senses change


I was checking out my shop the other day and decided that my old shop banner just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Yeah, I know, everyone loves an aye aye, right?  While this is true, I still think I’m ready for a change after almost a year.  So, this week I offer up a drawing of Doodle and Hoob which may or may not end up being incorporated into a new shop banner.

I drew this picture before naming it (as usual), and, although it immediately reminded me of Janus, I’ve only just noticed how appropriate the connection is to our current situation.  This January brings not only a new year, but also a new baby into our lives.  Poor Doodle and Hoob will have a lot to deal with.  Perhaps we should get on with some invoking.

x is for xenopus (duh)

I’m back!  Um… let’s leave it at that.  I’ll just let all you faithful readers assume technical difficulties instead of technical laziness.

So… I’ve had names on my mind a lot lately, and, although there are no X names on our short list, I’ve come across quite a few.  I figured that all those little Xaviers and, um, Xenas out there really needed something to relate to other than x-rays and xylophones.  Doodle has a placemat with an entire animal alphabet on it, and what is the animal for x?  An x-ray fish!  What?  Lame (no offense meant towards x-ray fish or lovers of said fish).  Anyway, for obvious reasons, x should always stand for Xenopus!  Coolest.  Frog.  Ever.  I actually have a Xenopus.  Believe it or not, my dad brought him home, as a tadpole, when I was five.  This is a very old frog.  I named him Astro.

clash of the anurans

In honour of Fathers’ Day, I offer you another D&H PSA.  You know when you go to the zoo/farm/wherever and hear parents imparting false information to their kids in the manner of experts?  Yeah, I hate that.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to deal with that as a kid, and I really try not to be that parent.  Just admit you don’t know, people.  Then look it up.

Coming soon: turtle vs. tortoise, salamander vs. lizard, alligator vs. crocodile, and, my favourite, monkey vs. ape.

falcor flies again

I’ve been feeling slightly uninspired lately.  An axolotl drawing has been on the back burner for months now, so here it is.  I’m a big axolotl fan, and have wanted one for as long as I can remember.   Since we move around and travel so much, any pet less portable than a dog isn’t really practical for us.  I won’t even go into my “only dogs are appropriate pets because they chose to be with us instead of being captured/bred against their will” theory, lest anyone think I’m a little too sensitive.  If I were to adopt an axolotl, though, I would name him Falcor, obviously.  Axol Rose would be another pretty good name, but perhaps too predictable.  We already know about my penchant for predictable pet names.

hoobie of burgundy

Yes, it’s true. I drew a portrait of my dog in Burgundian dress. Commence mockery. I can’t believe that this is my first D&H drawing of Hoob, after all this time. Well, here she is. And yes, she is a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece. I started this drawing to remind me that I’m supposed to be focusing on my studies these days.  So, this post comes with an announcement: I’m scaling my D&H posts back to once a week (Sundays), while I prepare for my comprehensive exams in the fall.  Since my topic deals with medieval portraiture, you may or may not be seeing more poor animals decked out like so many (ye olde) ren fair(e) attendees.  I’ll try to keep it to a minimum, though.

the path to enlightenment


I’ve never paid that much attention to rats before, but now I find myself stationed in various pet stores for (what feels like) hours on end watching rat exploits. I’m always trying to convince Doodle that chinchillas are where it’s at, but the fact that they’re always sleeping in their little igloos is not helping my case.

When I added the extra little nose and tail to this drawing, I was reminded of the way that Pac-Man ghosts leave on one side of the screen and enter on the other. I immediately regretted not configuring my maze walls in a Pac-Man screen pattern. So, yeah, coming soon…

a puffy rat-dog is still a rat-dog


I have long recognised and preached the essential dogginess, and, therefore, awesomeness, of all dogs (other than scary breeds, but that’s another story). This does not change the fact, however, that some dogs have the misfortune of having been born ratesque. And then their owners do things like dress them up and give them condescending and/or ironic names, furthering their plight. Poor things.