after the pool party

Pool partaaaaay!  I haven’t been to a pool party in… almost three years (but it was a really good one), but I did get to swim in a pool yesterday for the first time in… almost three years, not counting toddler swimming lessons at the Y, which sooo do not count.  I would have rather been in the lake, but I’ll take what I can get, and, quite honestly, it’s been many, many years since I’ve gotten up the nerve to jump in on May two-four (one of my very favourite holidays*).  Today is Memorial Day in the States, which is, understandably, just not quite as festive.  I’m pretty sure that my neighbour drank at least a two-four, though.

I didn’t actually intend to give this pool a face when I started this drawing.  Now I feel kind of bad that its so sad.  Maybe I need to do a little cut->reverse image->rotate 90 degrees clockwise->paste on his mouth.

* I included this Urban Dictionary link to aid those readers who might not be familiar with the institution that is the May two-four.  I do have to take issue, though, with the use of the word “camp” in the entry for “cottage.”  Who says that?