treasure island


This post is going up a little late tonight because, well, that’s a lot of houses. This drawing kind of came out of nowhere, but now that I think about it (because, you know, I have to write about something), it actually incorporates lots of things that I think are kind of cool. Islands, of all sorts, are pretty neat. I once watched a gang of eight year olds examine a dead bird for about an hour on one of these suburban islands. Maps, obviously, are cool, especially the treasure kind. Now that it is getting warmer and Doodle and I are looking forward to spending our days walking around in the woods, I think we might have to take up letterboxing. There are tons of boxes near us, and Doodle loves nothing more than finding stuff hidden in other stuff. The trick will be getting him to put the boxes back.

party on procession hill


You might think that my weekly drawing quota would be filled by my completion of two D&H posts. But you would be forgetting that my life is ruled by a toddler dictator and I don’t always get to choose what I do in my “free” time. Doodle’s favourite indoor pastime is drawing. He has lines down pat, and even some scribbles, but still has to commission all of his other drawings from me. Since Doodle’s vocabulary is very limited, I spend my days drawing balls and cars and more balls and more cars. I figured I might as well incorporate some cars into a D&H drawing after getting so much practice.

Coming soon… explosion at the ball factory! (Not really… unless I get desperate.)