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Yeah, it’s called spot the spurtle.  What?  You think that’s lame?  Wanna make something of it?  Oh, sorry.  I’m reading Black Swan Green right now, and there’s a lot of scrapping of the school boy variety going on.  This has me both fearing for Doodle’s impending adolescence (okay, it’s not that impending) and, just kind of, wanting to give someone a grundy.

Anyway, this was supposed to be last week’s drawing, but I ended up working on it here and there all week.  Between Thanksgiving and two family birthdays, there’s been a lot of baking/cooking/general Marthaishness going on this October.  Bring on the Hallowe’en costumes and Christmas knitting (French press cozies all around)!  Domesticity overload!  Maybe that should have been the title…

PS – thanks to Lauren, who requested this subject

PPS – thanks to Dr. T for going on about spurtles

PPPS – um, how is it that nobody has ever used the word Marthaishness online before?



Eggs.  I would like to say that these eggs were inspired by our impending spring (no, really… it’s coming, right?), but, truthfully, I started an egg drawing that this one evolved from while I was actually in labour last month and contemplating all things reproductive.  I had eggs on the brain again this week as I wondered if Cadbury Creme Eggs are in the stores for Easter yet.  I briefly considered making one of these eggs a Creme Egg, but figured that, just maybe, not everyone shares my enthusiasm for fondant.  As a kid, the only Creme Egg I had each year was in my Easter basket.  Oh, the wonders of being an adult.  Speaking of Easter – I think I’ll make this drawing into an Easter card for my shop.

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While looking at my new galleries last week, I thought that the three “Shelves and Cabinets” drawings looked kind of lonely, so I decided to add to their ranks.  There is something very satisfying about well-organised kid stuff.  So far, we’ve managed to avoid the “more kid stuff than you have space for” trap, even in our little apartment (the same cannot be said for our grown-up stuff), so all of Doodle’s toys, etc., actually go to the proper place before bedtime.  Luckily, Doodle is still young enough to think that this is an okay game, too.

PS – Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!  I hope you enjoy your turkey/tofurky, football, parade… and then that freaky shopping thing you do on Friday.  Don’t get hurt.