good drying day

clothesline blog

Uhhhh… huh.  This is kind of strange and I’m not sure how it evolved, but I assure you that there is nothing sinister going on here.  I’ve had tails on the brain since the other day when Doodle announced that he would like a tail just like Hoob’s.  I also have laundry on the brain way more than I’d like to, and today was, in fact, a good drying day.  So, there you go.  Next week: mice swimming in a sink full of dishes.

if you need me…

rosseau map blog

… I’ll be right here.  Well, that’s where I’ve been, anyway.  This summer has been full of packing, driving, border crossings, immigration problems, solo parenting, and a whole lot of waiting.  Doodle, Hoob, the baby and I found ourselves waiting for dad, all of our stuff, and our new place much longer than planned.  Thankfully, we had somewhere pleasant to do our waiting and some good friends to help us wait.

So, now we’re reunited, kind of settled, approaching back to normal, and open for business.

real life drop out

Oh! Yesterday was Sunday again? I may or may not have been so wrapped up in The Two Coreys that I didn’t even notice. The drama! I also might have been distracted by the fact that it is mid-summer and I have yet to swim in a lake, paddle a canoe, sleep on a verandah, or even lay eyes on a bat. Not acceptable. So, I think Doodle, Hoob, and I are going to make a run for the border and stay at the cottage (aka my favourite place in the world) for the rest of the summer. Posts will, hopefully, resume from there.

papa’s beach (low tide)

I’ve been thinking about maps a lot lately because Doodle is seriously into Winnie-the-Pooh and wants me to look at the map of the “100 Aker Wood” about a thousand times a day so that he can show me the Bee Tree. So, I was in a mappy frame of mind when we visited one of our favourite beaches today. If asked what he would like to do at any given moment, Doodle will most likely want to go to “Papa’s Beach,” named by him after an apparently memorable trip there with one of his grandfathers. I’m pretty sure that there’s treasure buried on the island, but I haven’t been able to look for any because the island is closed until the fall because it’s a heron and egret nesting area.

Woah! Get THIS! So, I had never been on the site for this beach before, but just went to check for the date on which the island opens up again (Aug 31st, fyi), and it turns out that Captain Kidd is “reputed to have buried his treasure on the island in 1699”!!! I knew it!  I hope he didn’t disturb any egrets.  In equally exciting Papa’s Beach island news: apparently that is no ordinary sandbar, but rather a tombolo. It seems as though I have some changes to make to this drawing!

heat wave

Sorry for the lack of post last night.  I actually forgot it was Sunday until it was too late, probably because I felt a lot like this squirrel looks.  But less smiling.  And more moaning.  I’m not a big fan of the heat.  If it must be hot, then I must be in the breezy shade beside a lake or, preferably, in the lake.  But I’m not anywhere near my favourite lake, so moaning works, too.

I just noticed that the straw in this squirrel’s lemonade is not visible through the glass, and is clearly at the wrong angle, but it’s too hot to fix it.

after the pool party

Pool partaaaaay!  I haven’t been to a pool party in… almost three years (but it was a really good one), but I did get to swim in a pool yesterday for the first time in… almost three years, not counting toddler swimming lessons at the Y, which sooo do not count.  I would have rather been in the lake, but I’ll take what I can get, and, quite honestly, it’s been many, many years since I’ve gotten up the nerve to jump in on May two-four (one of my very favourite holidays*).  Today is Memorial Day in the States, which is, understandably, just not quite as festive.  I’m pretty sure that my neighbour drank at least a two-four, though.

I didn’t actually intend to give this pool a face when I started this drawing.  Now I feel kind of bad that its so sad.  Maybe I need to do a little cut->reverse image->rotate 90 degrees clockwise->paste on his mouth.

* I included this Urban Dictionary link to aid those readers who might not be familiar with the institution that is the May two-four.  I do have to take issue, though, with the use of the word “camp” in the entry for “cottage.”  Who says that?

squirrels do not need coffee

So, as I mentioned on Sunday, I recently had a request for some more squirrels.  This one’s for you, Ygia.  This squirrel knows how to start his day – with a coffee and the comics.  I used to read the comics every day, and still do when visiting my parents.  I guess I read a couple of webcomics every day or so, but it’s just not the same.  For me, at least, part of the joy of reading the comics in the paper is reading the really bad comics and then complaining loudly to whomever will listen about how incredibly dumb it is.  Notice, for instance, that this squirrel seems to be enjoying the Family Circus.  You know he isn’t finding it genuinely funny, but is actually amazed that Dolly has managed, yet again, to impart some inane, mis-worded advice to poor PJ, or that Billy is still leaving those stupid dotted lines everywhere he goes, or that Jeffy is still blaming Not Me, or whatever.

Anyway, all this comic talk has distracted me from the real issue at hand: squirrels do not need coffee.  Seriously.  If the squirrels in my yard were any more hyper, I think my dog (Hoob) would have a heart attack.  This squirrel, however, was obviously in need of an empty coffee can.  So you can’t blame him for not wanting to waste it.

among the fiddleheads


Finally! The giant hedgehog makes his triumphant return! I guess you can’t really tell how giant he is, so you’ll just have to take my word for it (I guess those ferns are pretty big, too). And what’s the deal with this girl? Does she know he’s there? Does he know she’s there? What is she reading? Where is her other leg? So many questions! I’ve long been a fan of hedgehogs, but am just now noticing that lots of other people are, too. Hedgehogs abound!

Speaking of hedgehogs – I snagged another Etsy treasury this afternoon and dedicated it to them. Check it out! This one expires Saturday at 11:07am.

And while you’re there, check out this treasury curated by art4milkbones. I’m featured! Hurray!