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I guess this isn’t the soon-to-be-springiest post I could be making.  Not that it’s looking very springy around here, but it’s certainly not looking fallish.  Hold on… there.  It still looks like this version around here:

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Anyway, I’ve been into designing fabric with stripes that aren’t stripes and spots that aren’t spots.  I wonder what other types of patterns I could adapt.  “Chevron” certainly is all the rage right now (I use quotation marks because I maintain that “chevron” is just a “cool” re-branding of “zig zag” and I’m not buying it!!!).  How about… shark tooth chevron?  Stalactite chevron?  Snail trail chevron?  These are heady times, people.  Heady times.

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Are there people who don’t feel better after walking in the woods?  I’m sure that there are.  Are those people actually looking at the patterns on the tree trunks?  Are they being very quiet and listening for squirrels in the leaves and woodpeckers in the distance?  Are they noticing the moss/acorns/pine needles/chipmunk holes/rotting logs on the forest floor?  BUT are they lifting up those logs and looking for salamanders?  AND have they experienced that particular afternoon sunbeam angle that flips the canopy switch to glow?  Well?

Maybe someone out there is wondering if there’s anyone who hates the mall.

hold the phone!

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For years, I’ve had kind of a split online personality.  I’ve had my doodle and hoob site, blog, Etsy shop, Spoonflower shop… and then I’ve had my “professional” portfolio for freelance work under my real name.  Well, my real name had been creeping more and more into my d&h work, and I finally realised that it was just silly to keep my two online selves separate.  What’s wrong with an illustrator having an Etsy shop?!?  So, I decided to combine my two sites so that people could find all things me in one place.

I thought that this would be a simple merging and reorganisation, but, somehow, I ended up starting from scratch with all new pages.  You can check out the whole site by clicking on that handy button on the side bar –>

Anyway, when I got this fancy new site up and running, I noticed a link to my “sketch blog” on my homepage.  What?!  … oh yeah…  Okay, okay, Number Three turned one in October, so I can hardly blame her anymore.  I have a ton of new stuff to share, so I might as well share it.  I declare this post to be a return to regular (or, you know… semi-regular) blogging.  Or something.  So, pick up that tin can.  You don’t want to be out of the loop, do you?

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I thought I had published this post, but it’s been sitting in my drafts for weeks.  I’m pretty happy to get the chance to edit it, though, since the original had a lengthy analysis of the Survivor song The Search is Over, in which I declare it to be the rockingest ballad in history.  I must have written that post in the wee hours.  Don’t I have a “no blogging after midnight” policy?  I should.

Anyway, here we are: August.  August, during which I (at least mentally) gear up for fall/holiday season.  August, during which the creative juices start to flow and I’m eager to create.  August, during which I continue to single parent three young children, one of whom is of the crazy and needy baby variety, but at least the end is in sight.  Might as well deal with a backlog of blog posts.

This is the fabric collection I came up with for the Fabric8 finals: my collection, seahorse stripe, collection vessels green, and mossy morning.  I didn’t win (congrats to Sarah!), but being in the finals was really fun.  Here’s a profile of me that Spoonflower ran on their blog.

I was living for a dream… loving for a moment.  Taking on the woooooorld – that was just my style.  So good.

Ooh yeeah, sucka’

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Worst title for a post ever.  I guess I should have stuck with “tentacle stripe” or something, but I just can’t look at those suckers without thinking of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man.  I seem to remember them calling each other “sucka” all the time.  Were they even rivals?  Now I’m going to piss off the legions of WWF fans reading my blog with my lack of wrestling knowledge.  Maybe this grammar question will placate them: do you use an apostrophe to stand in for a letter in a word even if you’ve changed the spelling of the word in your shortened form?  I’ll report back.

Where was I?  Oh!  Tentacles.  This is a fabric design I worked up to be in my collection for the Fabric8 contest.  I like it, but it ended up in the reject pile because it didn’t coordinate as well as the other stripe I designed.  It’ll still be available in my fabric shop, though.  Because what little girl doesn’t need a tentacle stripe skirt?  None.  I made a blue one, too:

tentacle stripe blue blog

Breaking news!  Do you remember when I predicted that sloths would be the next owls and THEN I predicted that sloths would be the next foxes.  Yeah.  Remember that?!  Well, guess what category was in the “hot this month” Etsy newsletter this morning?  Bam.  Oh man, and I just listed my swimming sloth print… now it looks like I’m trying to be all tryndee!  How embarrassing.

my collection

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Hoowee!  Have I ever been busy lately.  Number three (I’ve decided to just number my children from now on) is the time-suckingest baby ever.  She’s hell-bent on killing herself, requiring constant vigilance, and is not overly interested in sleeping.  So, it was kind of against all odds that I got around to entering this year’s Fabric8 contest over on Spoonflower.  I was really surprised and pleased to be picked for the semi-final round of 100 designs with this fabric design.  And THEN, after a week of voting, I was shocked to learn that I’m actually one of the Fabric 8 this year!  What?!?  I have no idea how that happened, but I’m not complaining.  So, now I’m tasked with creating a collection around my original design for the final round.  Oh the pressure!  The theme is “geek chic.”  I guess I’m halfway there…

captain of the swim team

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Here’s the quick remedy to my house portrait ennui.  It’s not a squirrel, but it’s definitely not a house, either.

A while ago, I predicted that sloths would be the new owls.  I was so sure!  Well, it turns out that foxes are the new owls, and I have to eat my hat.  But, I am declaring now, in front of my millions of readers, that sloths are the new foxes.  Have you done an image search for “sloth”?  You need to do it now.  Fact: there is no number of sloth pictures that will desensitize you to the crazy freakishness of the sloth.

D&H PSA: Don’t “rescue” swimming sloths!

D&H bonus: I need a slow loris

Okay, back to houses.