popcorn wishes and binturong dreams


At least I didn’t call it “bintuRIGHT”! If you are a fan of Kratts’ Creatures (which, obviously, you are), you already know that binturongs smell like popcorn, have prehensile tails, and totally rock. What you might not know is that some people call them bearcats. Might the gentle binturong have been David Wilcox’s muse? I could go on about my theories relating popcorn and reefer-induced riverboat fantasies, but I wouldn’t want to alienate my non-Canadian readers. So, yeah, popcorn… that’s enough to make me wanna get a bearcat of my own… oh, sorry.

aye aye phone home


I drew this aye aye for my husband, who is unusually freaked out by them.  You know, I get it – they have freakishly long fingers that could easily pick out your brain from whatever orifice seems appealing.  But it’s that kind of superstitious prejudice (you know, against long-fingered freaks) that has put aye ayes on the endangered species list.  Let’s just accept their fingers for the extremely well-evolved grub grabbing devices that they are, people.

In other, non aye aye related, news, this has been an eventful week at Doodle and Hoob.  First of all, my URL is now doodleandhoob.com (short and sweet).  Also, I opened my very own Etsy shop today AND have made my very first sale (thanks, Lucy!)!!!  So, yeah, check it out under the shop tab if you’re interested.  Etsy offers a nifty little widget for blogs, etc., but WordPress doesn’t allow it (boo), so all you get is a hot screenshot.  You’ll recognize our friend abe abe (the aye aye, duh) in my new banner.

meanwhile, in suite 236…


You just know that armadillos can do wicked backspins. This drawing is kind of a sequel to the HoJo hoedown. It, too, started out as a sketch in my lecture notes. In fact, I had to (digitally) white out some handwriting and the lines from the paper. I coloured this on my laptop and saw nice, mellow colours, but am now looking at it on another monitor and find the colours to be rather garish. I wonder what everyone else sees.

floppy ears are better

floppy ears are better

GOAT! Goats crack me up. I don’t remember these floppy-eared types at the petting zoos and farms of my youth, only the white (and black?) ones with sticky-uppy ears. More recently, I have had several close encounters with floppy-eared goats at a nice farm near the trail where we walk. Have you ever noticed goat pupils? I drew this goat with plus sign-shaped pupils, a la Kermit, before I realized that their pupils are really just horizontal rectangles (still very cool, but Kermit pupils would be slightly cooler). Anyway, if I ever, somehow, ended up with a farm, I would want to run some kind of goat and sheep retirement community. I would probably accept goats of any ear description, though.