For some reason, last week’s birdhouse drawing reminded me of ostrich heads.  I find it hard to think of ostriches as being birds, though.  I think everyone has an “I was attacked by a(n) (insert huge bird species)” story.  Swans are especially scary.  Seriously… have you ever seen one of those things out of water?  Totally intimidating.  An ostrich could really mess a person up, but I think they give fair warning with their ornary, you-better-stay-away-from-me-chump expressions.  Swans, on the other hand, lure unsuspecting victims to their lairs with promises of relaxing and romantic swanback rides.  Yeah, well, I’m on to you, swans.

new tenants


So, I guess it’s not so springy in other parts of the country today, but it’s getting pretty springy around here.  I hear birds outside every morning now, while I’m stuck in bed feeding a squirmy baby who doesn’t think she wants to wake up, but is very happy when she finally does.  My parents have a big bird condo in their garden (the bird house is big… it is not for big bird(s)).  It has about eight units, and they’re always occupied, as evidenced by the grass/leaves/twigs sticking out of the holes.  The bird condo is up on a pole like these ones.  They’ve had less success with the tree/fence mounted variety.  A squirrel chewed at the hole on one of them until it was big enough for him to move in, and another became a bee hive (um, not to say that poles dissuade bees…).

important message


That’s a lot of birds.  We’re just starting to get flocks of migratory birds around here (yeah, I know, this is obviously a fall picture, but birds are birds).  What is it about huge groups of birds that is a little disconcerting?  Do we simply have Hitchcock to thank, or was he drawing (and preying) on a primordial instinct that tells us that we’re being plotted against.  Anyway, this… um, individual doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the birds taking off around him or her/coming out of his or her mouth.  Perhaps he or she has not seen this Barbie.

how do they know?


If it weren’t already painfully obvious that watching the bird feeder is prime entertainment in my household, I guess it is now.  Seriously, though – does there exist some kind of bird/squirrel 6th sense involving newly-filled birdfeeders?  I imagine this being one in a series of drawings documenting a knock-down-drag-out over the contents of the feeder.  I’ll put my money on the crows.