a place for everything


While looking at my new galleries last week, I thought that the three “Shelves and Cabinets” drawings looked kind of lonely, so I decided to add to their ranks.  There is something very satisfying about well-organised kid stuff.  So far, we’ve managed to avoid the “more kid stuff than you have space for” trap, even in our little apartment (the same cannot be said for our grown-up stuff), so all of Doodle’s toys, etc., actually go to the proper place before bedtime.  Luckily, Doodle is still young enough to think that this is an okay game, too.

PS – Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!  I hope you enjoy your turkey/tofurky, football, parade… and then that freaky shopping thing you do on Friday.  Don’t get hurt.

old book smell not included

Wow. This D&H post almost didn’t happen. Besides taking for e ver to draw, I’ve been fighting with Photoshop and Doodle is finding ever sneakier places to hide my stylus.

So, yeah, I like books. Right now, most of my books are boxed in the basement along with about five bookcases that don’t fit in our apartment anymore. I guess that’s what happens when toddler bedroom takes precedence over study. I figured that I’d just print out a bunch of these to hang on my walls and no one would know the difference. I would have to invest in some of this, though.