endgame: KQNRKP


I’ve spent the last hour or so mesmerized by complex and often hilarious chess terminology.  I haven’t played chess for years, but am thinking that my lazy brain would be in significantly better shape if I took it up.  I’ll have to work on my sportsmanship, though, because I seem to have a habit of flipping the board when things aren’t going my way, and apparently that’s not cool.  If I ever found myself playing any large carnivore, though, I’m pretty sure I would gracefully let him or her win.

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squirrels do not need coffee

So, as I mentioned on Sunday, I recently had a request for some more squirrels.  This one’s for you, Ygia.  This squirrel knows how to start his day – with a coffee and the comics.  I used to read the comics every day, and still do when visiting my parents.  I guess I read a couple of webcomics every day or so, but it’s just not the same.  For me, at least, part of the joy of reading the comics in the paper is reading the really bad comics and then complaining loudly to whomever will listen about how incredibly dumb it is.  Notice, for instance, that this squirrel seems to be enjoying the Family Circus.  You know he isn’t finding it genuinely funny, but is actually amazed that Dolly has managed, yet again, to impart some inane, mis-worded advice to poor PJ, or that Billy is still leaving those stupid dotted lines everywhere he goes, or that Jeffy is still blaming Not Me, or whatever.

Anyway, all this comic talk has distracted me from the real issue at hand: squirrels do not need coffee.  Seriously.  If the squirrels in my yard were any more hyper, I think my dog (Hoob) would have a heart attack.  This squirrel, however, was obviously in need of an empty coffee can.  So you can’t blame him for not wanting to waste it.